Look Away from Yourself a Little

The common advice you get these days is to look inwards. Everyone says it’s better to take care of the inner person.  They tell you to be yourself, protect yourself, improve yourself. You do so many things for yourself all the search of a happier life and more money.

Maybe if you walked a little bit more to the right of the road, or if you didn’t interrupt people so much, you are the one always needing your attention. “Take a vacation,” they say, pamper yourself to a bowl of ice-cream. Its always all about you and it feels good while you are following all these ideas.

Gradually, it becomes difficult to be so “focused” on yourself.  You have become quite judgemental of yourself while trying to improve. This also makes us more selfish because everything we do and say is now seen from the perspective of how “you” would have done it. You no longer really listen to people, it’s becoming so easy to just see what you would have done and not the unique reality of other people.

Empathy begins to die a slow and excruciating pain. You are soon unable to take perspective from others because the only reality that exists is the one from your own side of the table. This leads to unproductive days, unfulfilled socialization, a resounding disconnect from others and less fulfillment in your personal life.

Look Away from Self

It’s time to shift focus a bit, stop giving so much attention to you. Look at other people, engage with their needs and connect with them sincerely.
Most times we get so carried away with our own needs that we lose touch with other people. What’s the essence of success if it does not bring us closer to people who matter to us.

Here is the challenge. Determine to look away from your present circumstances and give more time to other people’s needs.
You will find more fulfillment, the difficult situations will shrink in magnitude and you will be more fulfilled.

Look Away from Yourself a Little

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