How to run away from Serial Texters

You know those people who text you every minute for random stuff? Yea Serial texters! We know you’ve been scared to tell them how you feel. Well, we’ve got good news for you!


Starting today you can stop time wasters, wasting your precious time with serial text messages. Let’s walk you through how to let someone down easy who is demanding too much of your time via text. Time to get away from Text Message Energy Suckers (TMES). Some people really lose perspective when it comes to texting. They forget that the people they care about also have lives to live. No one should be expected to be “on call” to constantly respond to the demands of others via text.

If a family member, boyfriend or girlfriend seems annoyed, hurt, or angry that you do not answer their texts immediately, set them straight. Remember that your time is YOUR time. You should not have to constantly cater to the whims and demands of another. If this is happening in either your personal or professional life, a boundary needs to be drawn. Here’s how to do it.


Explain that you can’t focus on the people and tasks directly in front of you when constantly checking your phone. If this isn’t well received, you can even make your point stronger by telling them that your workplace or school does not permit personal texting except for during designated hours.


Assure them that you check for new messages at various points during the day. Let them know that you will respond to their texts at these times. If you don’t actually do this, now is a good time to start. When they begin to see that there’s a pattern to your response times, they may settle down and relax about not hearing from you instantly.


Point out that you try to be respectful of their time, i.e. not being overly demanding via text, and they should reciprocate this gesture toward you. If they seem to not understand this, you can always send them a message at a time when you know they can’t respond. Then, point out that they don’t always answer texts when it isn’t convenient, so why should you be expected to?


Lead by example. Suppose you and said person are together somewhere, such as driving in the car or at a restaurant. And let’s say that a text comes in on your phone. Now would be a good time to gently point out that you are not going to answer the text because it’s your personal policy to offer your undivided attention to the people whose company you’re keeping.


If all else fails, and you still find yourself feeling stressed over said friend, coworker or family member’s inability to leave you alone via text, it may be time for stronger measures. Consider why this person is in your life and what value they provide. If a boyfriend or girlfriend, is it time to move on? If it’s a boss who’s giving you grief… is this job really worth sacrificing your peace of mind?


If it’s a family member, you may have to simply ignore their messages and turn a deaf ear to their demands. In time, your serial texter may just go away.


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How to run away from Serial Texters

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