Traveling: How to do long road trips in style, enjoy!

We still had not gotten there. I blinked my eyes awake. Unlocking my phone, I saw that it was some minutes past 4 pm. We had been traveling for 6hours. From what the driver was saying, we still had close to 12hours to go. My eyes were tired of sleep, my legs and back tired of sitting and my mind frustrated at the monotony of sleep and non-sleep, with no mindful thing in between.

Yes, most of us have had something similar to this. So, what things can make such seemingly non-stop journey lively and less killing?

1. Traveling with friends:

Believe me, this is the best favor you can do yourself. It is the cheapest and surest way of keeping yourself entertained on a journey. Especially when these are true friends, playful and adventurous. They are the type that would disturb you about the weird looking sight on the road, the fellow passenger that has been winking at you and that unfamiliar food being hawked on the road, urging you to try it out. Unfortunately, you might be journeying solo, not due to any fault of yours.

2. Reading/jotting:

for most people, this would mean reading anything apart from academic/school books. It would include novels, inspirational and motivational books, religious literature, magazines, etc. It is highly recommended that it be a novel you have not read before but has hopes of being interesting. It is at this point I’ll also advise you have snacks with you. Proper food should be put into thought too but be careful, an angry stomach on this kind of journeys is a lot of bad news. Jotting is for people who like to take note of places they travel through and document interesting moments of their journey. It is especially good for writers who find their muse with wheels beneath them…on the road. Many best selling books were written on long journeys.

3. Socializing:

don’t even think of it! I don’t mean being social in the virtual world; facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, et al. I mean, real time social! Make friends. Start with the least serial killer looking, friendly and closest person. No one really knows what opportunity or connection is sitting right next to them till they find out. I don’t mean you totally discard your phone but you just don’t get lost in it. There are living and breathing people around you who you can learn from and also impact positively.

And you know what, if you don’t reach out first, somebody might reach out to you. This can be good. Although, it also means you don’t get to select anything physical or even mental/psychological about the person. Remember, when we worry what people may think or say about us, we limit ourselves. That’s not the way to fearless fun as we encourage through the #21 days of faith challenge, also on DesignedLife.

A long journey does not have to be ‘Let Our Naps Go-on'(LONG).

Photo by Amanda Sandlin on Unsplash
Photo by Amanda Sandlin on Unsplash
Traveling: How to do long road trips in style, enjoy!

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