Guilty to Live?

There are times I am so afraid to live! Have you felt that same way before? After a loss, we often lose touch of what life should be about; we question what the essence of life is after all. We ask questions of why certain things have to happen to good people. The Life we have has been given as a gift to us from God; just paramount to us alone. Our life is not hinged to another man’s life though we are all connected, we are wired and created differently and separately for different purposes.


When the death of a spouse comes knocking, it is not a pass for us giving up on our lives even though that is all we wish to do. How often do you feel guilty to live that life you had always wanted; how often do you feel guilty to start that business or how often do you feel guilty to start that project or are you guilty of loving and caring for those around you?. Seriously, I have felt guilty to live normally again because I feel am leaving someone out of it “my late spouse”. We do things together, plan together and look toward the future together. Now that he is no more, I have always felt I need his permission to live again, and his consent to actualize my dreams. It is actually a hard decision to make, especially when your number one cheerleader and fan is no more around to cheer you up or give you that encouragement and support you’ve always enjoyed.


Success in itself is pushing through life against all odds and pursuing our aspirations despite the absence of a cheerleader. It is doing things irrespective of oppositions in form of grief and sorrow that most times overwhelm our lives.

We have to stand up on our feet and know that the world is waiting to see how we handle what life has thrown at us. Are you actually giving up on life? are you seeing the world as senseless? are you seeing yourself as though nothing else matters anymore?. How long are you going to allow the guilty of life tie you down from achieving those great things, God has placed inside of you.

Destinies of thousands are tied to us, we have to keep running in our race and not give up along the way. We cannot afford to park here (where you are at the moment); the journey is still on and the train is still moving. We need to take our place and never stop living.

“It’s okay to grief, just never forget to LIVE”. –Vivian Okojie


Guest Post by:

Kehinde Daramola 

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Guilty to Live?

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