here is a tale embedded in a boy’s body
like words sewn into fabrics of memories;
here is a boy learning how to love
in a place where death lives in.
the boy learns how to dance his voice
into a river with still music;
he learns to burst out into blue songs
and dance with the air plaited with rosy flowers.
here’s another boy nursing his broken bones
after flirting with a charming war;
he learns how to whisper soothing songs
deep into his bones, before he takes his last breath
and resurrect into death.
here is a girl turning into a silent street –
her body is a roadside littered with rotten carcasses of men;
men who died at the juncture of her hymen
are tales that turns a name into a rotten body.
her body is a town where love means fire –
her body is filled with ashes of burnt men;
her scars is a memory
baked into tales of burning names.
here’s a girl’s body learning to swallow songs,
songs that died in her mother’s throat;
she’s learning to tear down the wall of her heart
with her screams as her voice fades into the atmosphere.



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21 thoughts on “FOR BROKEN ORPHANS

  1. Well constructed poem from a fertile mind. The writer couldn’t have conveyed his thoughts any better. Good poem indeed

  2. Amao Williams Praise. I must say you did a good job with the poem. It’s thought provoking and a work of profound depth. The juxtaposition of words to achieve different literary effects is excellent. The message is clear and comprehensive. “For broken orphans” is unequivocally a great poem.

  3. Broad views of life from different perspective embedded in a single poem. Brilliant creativity, brother. It also talk about the kind of aura they live in and the kind of world their’s is. Kudos, brother. Awesome work!

  4. Well scribbled poem, deep and filled with imagery that you can’t but resonate with these broken characters, even when you’ve never been broken. That gender mainstreaming was depicted here is simply brilliance. Well done, Willipraise.

  5. A job weldone by the poet The poem is rich in literally/poetic devices starting from the first line. And Williams expressed his feelings for these orphans using deep words which didn’t deny the poem it’s natural comprehensible status. The message is clear, starting from the title.
    Personally I enjoyed the piece and would love to read more of your works.
    Weldone once again.

  6. I’m so touched I’m speechless. My eyes actually watered.
    I could relate so well with the characters I felt you were talking about me in another life. Thanks for reminding me there are people out there who’re passing through worse predicament.

    May your pen never run dry

  7. This poem is filled with imagery, it is deep, those words nailed the theme
    This is a work well done.
    This is awesome.

  8. Thought provoking, found myself wishing this poem was longer, so immersed in it I was. Brilliant.

  9. A voice for the orphans. Hope for the broken. Its a broken world anyway, glad you’re fixing with poetry. Don’t stop.

  10. I have seen lovely art of works, but it’s no way near this one. Thank you for penning such a great piece with an obvious imagery and tight depth. I love it and if you were my enemy, I would forgive you for penning such a great piece.

  11. I must say , I am impressed with how the writer used oxymoron terms to create a rhetorical effect by paradoxical means. The allegory of “Broken orphans” that’s what comes to my mind whenever i read this piece . I was reminded of a certain lady that I met last year , she was all about “blowing the steam off” , ready to have fun as the antidote for pain.
    It’s really a good piece, keep it up !!

  12. Willy is Gifted. He’s been able to ignite my heart to reach out to those who are broken in true resonance. His use of imageries sprinkles the story with a lot of butterflies, helping you transcend into his thoughts as you read. Well done man.

  13. Brilliant art! Well painted. The intro– ” here is a tale embedded in a boy’s body
    like words sewn into fabrics of memories…” caught my attention. The fabric seems to enter his flesh. This fabric doesn’t cover him; it opens him up.
    Other lines are amazing too.
    Brilliant work brother, brilliant work.

  14. Wow…this poem is rich in figurative devices and the language (diction) is easy to comprehend. I love the expression in stanza 4 line 2…it’s a great poem. I enjoyed reading this piece. Thank you

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