Exercise power over your thoughts

Our thoughts are part of our soul, to me I see it as a sibling to our emotions and will. Our Thoughts, Emotions and Will are all controlled in our mind which is part of our “soulish” (If there is something like that) being.

So often we fight our thoughts to allow our good emotions come alive, our thoughts tend to control our emotions because what we tend to dwell upon affects us negatively or positively.
I could remember when I had so many negative thoughts in my mind that at times I wished  I could run out of myself! those days I eagerly searched for ways to get myself out of those negative thoughts, I desperately wanted to read “The Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer (though I couldn’t get to read it). This was all in a search to set myself free from my constant negative thoughts.

At times negative thoughts creep into our hearts without us knowing how it came about, our mind is a battlefield between our emotions, thoughts, and will. Negative thoughts pull a lot of negative things into our lives, those thoughts can bring about anxiety, fear, unrest, sickness, depression, bitterness, anger… I can keep on counting. As forceful as negative thoughts can be, we can exercise our power and authority over them by bringing back positive thoughts into our hearts.

Over the years I have learned the following ways to bring my negative thoughts under control.

1. When you suddenly realize that negative thoughts have set in, immediately snap yourself off it.
2. Do not dwell on it further, don’t stay in there, virtually run out of those thoughts.
3. If you are a Christian , speak the Word to counterfeit those thoughts by saying “the Lord has not given me the spirit of fear but of power, of peace and of a sound mind”, or you repeatedly say “I have the mind of Christ”.. atimes I say “I plead the Blood of Jesus over my thoughts“.
4. Try to talk to someone when you are becoming over whelmed with those negative thoughts. Speak to a friend or a family member about those thoughts.
5. You can switch off your negative thoughts by also listening to your favorite music, or watch a great movie, or start doing what you love, by so doing you distract yourself from focusing on those negative thoughts.
6. Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones but speaking loudly the opposite of what your heart is saying.

We must always exercise our willpower over our thoughts because if we don’t, it could control our lives, it could give us a false impression about something, it could build constant fear of death, fear of diseases or fear of failure into us. In as much as negative thoughts come into our hearts without our permission, we have the absolute right to exercise our power over it, to subdue it and replace with positive thoughts.

Guest Post by:

Kehinde Daramola 

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Exercise power over your thoughts

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