How complaining reflects on your leadership skills

Instead of complaining about things that are not going fine, leaders take a break. You must be confident enough to know when to stop pushing, especially now. That moment when you see that all you do as a leader si complain, that’s when you need to stop. Take a break and check your priorities again or you will only keep struggling with suboptimal results.

“What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Don’t complain.” 
― Maya Angelou

It’s a Sign of Bad Leadership Skills

Some Christian fellowship leaders in the University I attended were known to speak rashly to members.  They sometimes suspend and even exile members or executives for not falling in line. The fellowships were usually affiliated to these student’s home churches so the leaders could get away with such entitled behaviour. Complaining brings out the worst in you.

I was once leading a group of people who had no affiliations to me, they had nothing I could hold them to. If I tried to blackmail them, I would only wake up to a dead group. These guys stuck with me till I graduated. Even though the group is no more functional, they are still friends I can always count on for anything.

I had to realize that my team members had their own separate world views. Regardless of whatever I felt God was telling me to do, these other people are humans too. I knew there is a limit to which people can carry your pain on their head and if you want better results or you want people to follow, then you have to prove to them that its a worthy cause of which it must also align with their goals in life.

Take a deep breath

I work with a team of writers now for my writing platform. Some left and new ones joined. I have provided content for websites and businesses with a team of other writers and even when I knew I was going to pay these writers, I still had to respect their separate situations.

You being emotional about anything could get you into deeper trouble than you expect. When tension is high and emotions are running riot, be careful the way you see other people. Be careful the tings you say and how you interact with people. It is those times that show the true nature of who you are. This week is another opportunity to represent yourself as a better person worthy of respect. This changes everything for you, your confidence grows and you would be more focused on developing yourself than seeking undue attention from others.

How complaining reflects on your leadership skills

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