5 Reasons why "Houston Money Week" matters to local businesses

The “Houston Money Week is more than innovative,” and it serves community. The organizers packed the 2017 calender with exciting sessions, free financial literacy services and student opportunities. The HMW is a collaborative effort of the Houston Money Week Charity,  Houston

Strategies for Living Free from Procrastination Habits

Yesterday I went off to church feeling really good about my haircut and the spring air. There was this spring to my steps, I had also just recovered from a little discomfort in my thigh. For some reason I was

A huge lesson on building a good social profile for business transaction

Why do people get defrauded online, is it because they were not careful enough? Maybe not. Actually, you are absolutely normal for not trusting your social media contacts, it’s money we are talking about here! A social profile is a

Pitch to your audience: Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs- Designed.LIFE

There is something called glossophobia – the fear of public speaking, entrepreneurs find themselves in positions that require them to address an audience or panel. Glossophobia makes a speaker freeze and shakes vigorously in the front of the audience, irrespective