8 Tips to Save Money on Groceries

The average family’s grocery bill is usually one of the higher numbers on the family budget. There can be an enormous difference in what each family spends on their groceries, depending on many factors, such as whether they buy organic,

Epic Ideas for the Stay-at-Home Mom to make some extra income

Want to stay home and earn a substantial income? Here are some ways to achieve both. Learn about several possibilities for a home business… As a stay-at-home mom, you might be seeking employment or business opportunities. This would enable you

Child Delivery: I just do not want to feel pain;

Once a couple is pronounced husband and wife, especially in Africa, the blessings or prayers for children start rushing in. Twins. Triplets. Quadruplets. And people keep shouting Amen to the prayers. Although, the number and loudness of the “Amen” start reducing

Obesity is Not always a Choice, Little Known Facts about your weight.

” fatty, blown-up ball, round drum…” The words kept echoing in Kate’s head as she rode the bus home. Tears stung her eyes. It was her second week in the new school and the taunting had already begun. Her parents

Infertility in Marriage, Whose Fault is it? – Designed.LIFE

In medical school, during our obstetrics and gynecology posting, we were taught the World Health Organization definition of infertility; “The inability of a COUPLE to conceive after a year of regular, adequate, unprotected sexual intercourse”. Emphasis was laid on the

Yes! Screen time can be good for young kids: Experts agree digital education may help young kids learn

For years, parents and pediatricians fretted over how much screen time was too much, especially for very young children. Many child health experts advised minimal screen time for elementary-aged kids and none at all for children younger than 2. New

Grieving and coping with the loss of your newborn baby

Life most often is filled with contradictions. These contradictions for nursing mothers who grieve the loss of their newborn babies after birth are always too much to bear. Counselors describe the emotional pains and moments of grieve for mothers who lost their babies after birth as more traumatizing to bear than