Bad attitudes are just there like a bad tooth

Waking up daily, we barely pay attention as we move the bristles of our brush over our teeth. Sideways and vertically, rinse with water, smile at the mirror (yes, I do that) and get on with the day.

The only times you remember your teeth is when you have to smile or open your mouths for inspection.

We know we use the teeth to chew, bite and tear. Ladies know guys like it when our teeth are white and complete. Guys don’t mind having breath that does not send people scampering off or raise people from the dead.

Apart from these, the teeth are just there. The end.

Until, one day, you notice a hole in a tooth. You keep ignoring it but you know it is getting bigger. You are not bothered, not until a sharp, continuous, throbbing pain associated with a headache wakes you up from sleep and keeps you awake. A toothache has been described as worse than labour pains. It is that moment you realize that those teeth are not just mini statues in your mouth.

It is the same with bad attitudes.

Bad Attitudes are just there. The end.

We brush them daily, use them when necessary and forget them. Other times you pull them out to buy or force your way through a queue. We know we have them and are sometimes wary of close inspection. As long as they do not cause us personal pain, it does not matter.

One day, these attitudes go the wrong way. It is unexpected but you let it slide. I mean, it did not cause much harm, right? It is like a tear in a fabric, a teeny weeny tear. You keep wearing the fabric and you are aware that the tear keeps elongating. Still, you ignore.

Not much attention is paid to bad attitudes until they cause real personal pain; Not until that ability to talk back at people backfires, not until your dishonesty puts your life on the line, not until your disrespectful attitude starts hindering access in life, we keep brushing and putting them aside. When the pain hits, it hits hard. That is when we realize the significance of these ‘minor’ things.

This is when you would definitely have to major on the minor. Actually, they are not minor which is why they have to be majored on.

Many people notice the fine details about the deficiency of others but take little or no time to examine theirs. Get a mirror.


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Bad attitudes are just there like a bad tooth

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