Adultery: Why the side chick takes over.

A young man of 20-26 years is pining away somewhere as a result of sex deprivation. He does not want to commit sexual crimes, he also does not have the money to sustain a relationship. Relationships are becoming really expensive by the way, so he cannot just jump at any available girl. Nobody wants to wake up forty years later with the wrong woman. So he decides to visit the hooker, she is just the appropriate answer to his immediate needs. There is hardly a perfect sexual relationship before, during and after marriage (in case of divorce). The libidos either don’t match or someone is always tired.

When the need arises

Couples are sometimes separated for long, and there is always that crazy coworker that’s just available for a rump. Temptations to satisfy immediate needs are always going to plague the man’s life from before he marries till he does, statistics show that a lot of men resort to hookers, web cam models, porn and of course side chicks.

There is this viral video of a woman about side Chicks is quite humorous. The woman defends the side chick as a necessary evil that gives women the needed vacations from sexual duties. Truly a lot of married men complain about their wives who refuse them sex on grounds of being too tired. Women bear large portion of the family domestic duties, this stress problem should not come as a shock. So long as men continue to leave their wives to work like mules after office duties, they should accept “tired wives.” Eventually this means that women too would either have to device strong advocacy for their husbands to join with domestic work or else they should “outsource” the sex.


You will see women who even defend men who do nothing at home than watch TV. If this woman were a full time house wife, then that would probably not be too much of a problem because she may have had time to rest before the husband returns. How many homes can afford full time mothers? If women will continue to bear the bulk of domestic work while maintaining jobs, sex will eventually be outsourced with or without permission.

The man obviously has excess energy to expend, the woman is too tired to quench his parch, the man finds the little sex a torture and the side chick steps in with or without permission. The side chick is a woman that gets paid to do what a woman does at her almost non-existent leisure.  This payment may be formal as is the case with hookers or informal with the side chick. The chick has all the assets a woman should have and she can do it all, bare back, stripping, dripping, messy, exotic and so on.

The economic hustle in a lot of societies have made the side chick a popular vocation. Eventually a woman’s hard labour pays the bills of another woman who does exactly what she is supposed to do with her husband, this is the reality of the side chick. Women would eventually give some respect to these side chicks or get their husbands into the kitchen. You cannot eat your cake and have it.


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Adultery: Why the side chick takes over.

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