4 Points To Help You Navigate During Your Single Season

There are times during your single season where you will have to look beyond what you see. It’s easy to say that you enjoy your single season when all is going well, but when your life gets difficult it’s not as easy. I strongly believe that you have to embrace what is in front of you. You have to embrace the season you are in by looking at God as your focus. When you focus on your circumstances it will cause you to not take hold of what God wants to do in your life. Your single season doesn’t have to be perfect, but you can love the journey. I know you may not always like it, but you can enjoy YOU. You can navigate this season with grace and power. You can learn lessons about yourself that can only be learned when you surrender every ounce of your life to God. You can’t view the world as your guide and God. You have to use the word of God as your guide because he can see what you can’t see.
In my own season of singleness, I am learning that the word of God has to be my foundation. As I am seeking the Lord I am noticing that there are areas of my foundation that needs to be built back up and established. I pray that you would look at your personal walk with God and break apart your habits. Take time to break apart your choices and your heart. Take time to see what motivates you and figure out how to love you more. Take time to figure out how to be selfless and compassionate. Don’t just try to make it through your single season because that isn’t the purpose. You have to pick up each lesson no matter how hard or how easy. You have to store it and cultivate it. God doesn’t waste your pain or even waste your high moments. He uses it to pull his calling out of you and he teaches you to trust him as you walk through this season. You can’t trust God only when everything’s going right in your life. If you do this you will never understand what truly trusting God means. God doesn’t want you to feel like you are forgotten during this walk or left alone. You might be single right now and you still feel like you don’t even know what to really do during this season.


Here are 4 points that can help you navigate during your season of singleness.

1. Use the word of God
Some of us are not walking in power and authority in this season because we are constantly looking for people to help us every second. God wants us to use his word as a weapon against the enemy. We must pick up that Bible. God wants his children to use the word of God as a tool for every question we have and even for comfort. We can’t just expect to walk in this season with peace when we haven’t even taken the time to pull out the word of God. We have to take the time out to meditate on the word of God and speak it. The word of God is powerful when we use it and speak it. We must apply it and call on the Lord every single day. (Hebrews 4:12)

2. Have many conversations with God
Don’t just have one conversation with God and expect to just be at peace for the rest of your single season. God wants to have deep long conversations with you. He wants to talk with you and have fun with you. Yes, God wants to have fun with you! He doesn’t want to just rush you through your single season and not teach you something. Start asking the Lord questions and start learning what it means to just sit with him. God wants to do stuff with you and he wants you to acknowledge him in all you do. (Proverbs 3:6)

3. Don’t allow challenges during this season to stop you
We all face many hard challenges. I wish I could tell you that you will get out of them at a specific time. God doesn’t want you to face each situation alone. Take time to fall on your face with God. Take time to have quiet time with God even during rough times. Don’t allow the enemy to confuse you or make you think that God is causing you all of this pain. During your season of singleness, you need time to get away with the Lord. You can’t just sit in this season and not go into your prayer closet or prayer area. You can’t do this season by yourself. You must hear from the Lord during this special season. You must look at what is going right in this season. He has wisdom and answers for you as you seek him. (Matthew 6:33)

4. Do God fearing productive activities
Sometimes, people think waiting on God in this season means doing nothing. No! Seek and pray with the Lord. Ask him to show you Bible activities and groups. Spend time with God fearing friends and work on your talents. Spend time with God daily and watch Christian shows to get you closer to the king. Find ways to help and volunteer with your community. Help your church and don’t just think about yourself. God isn’t slow in coming. He wants you to move forward into your destiny. If you don’t know where to start just ask him. Wait on his answers and he will reveal to you the answers you need while you wait on him.

I pray that each point will help you navigate better in this season. You shouldn’t be bored at all. God has a plan that is beyond your understanding. Use each point to help you as you walk with the Lord in this season. You can also JOIN the 21 days of FAITH challenge, it’s FREE.

4 Points To Help You Navigate During Your Single Season

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