Many people find it very difficult to criticize an opinion without being ethnocentric and insulting. There are some ways to criticize and make your own opinion in a polite manner. Social etiquette is very useful in public places, gatherings, social outings, and on social media, etc. The absence of social etiquette makes so many young people act terrible and hold on to absurd lifestyles.

A list of social etiquettes you should consider:

1. Say “I am sorry” when you are wrong and don’t hesitate to correct erring friends.

2. Don’t disturb others with the noise emanating from home theater, music players, and mobile phones.

3. Your ability to say ‘thank you’ goes a long way. The hands stretched to you deserve a simple thank you, don’t underestimate any good deeds.

4. Stay reserved and don’t jump into conversations you have not been invited to join.

5. Eat decently; The habit of disposing and dumping waste anyhow doesn’t add to your value.

6. Don’t practice African time, be punctual. Time is the most precious valuable anyone can have. When you have an appointment with someone, always make it at that time.

7. Respect other people privacy. It is very disrespectful to bump into someone house, bag, and closet without proper consent from the person.

8. Watch your tongue, don’t just address anyone anyhow even if you are rich. You still have to be courteous with your words to everyone you meet. The tongue can make or mar anyone, so let it speak good things.

9. Amy Vanderbilt said in his book and I quote “it is axiomatic that as we mature and grow in years and experience we must be able to meet more demanding social situations with confidence and ease.” Just as you grow, it is expected of you to add more to your principles, knowledge as well. Don’t be too proud to learn.

10. Don’t scream in public places because you are over excited. You never can tell if someone standing beside you is hypertensive.

11. If you are in a hall or cinema and you unknowingly sit on someone else’s seat, The best you can do is to give respect and stand up. People have this saying of “so far I didn’t meet anyone there, I have the right to sit down”. We have people with myriad and different opinions. In order not to create an unnecessary fight, stand and leave. It gives you respect you don’t even know you deserve.

12. Use deodorants generously. It sucks when you sit beside someone on the bus and you just have to use your handkerchief to cover your nose.

13. Courtesy demands you greet when you enter a shop, kiosk, small or large offices.

14. Learn to give regards. When you know the source of an object, articles, you must give reference by giving regards. This is very applicable to social media; many people plagiarize posts anyhow without acknowledging the writer which is also wrong.

15. Table manners are important when you eat with other people. You don’t talk while eating, you don’t hit your elbows on the table while eating, and you don’t make noise with your plates because you are eating. It shows a lack of manners!

16. A Loud throat clearing is very wrong in public, it irritates!

17. Say please, it shows how important your request is to you.

18. Shouting and raising your voice when you are on the phone is uncouth. keep your voice down!

19. Maintain a queue and don’t disorganise it when you are in the bank, canteen, malls or any public gathering.

20. There are still more, but I have to round it up with this last one which is; don’t invade someone else privacy by checking their phones.


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